Customs Duty & GTS

Customs Duty & GTS

Customs Duty & GTS

Duties & GST Calculation for Imported Goods Into Australia

Typically, imported goods may be subject to payment of GST tax and Customs Duty at time of importation; below is a simplistic explanation of how Customs value goods to charge these fees, however this is an example only, and individual import shipments may vary, so this guideline should not be fully relied upon when costing your imports (please check with us for a landed cost if you require one);

Customs Duty

Is usually charged at around 5%, and is calculated on the FOB value of the goods that you have purchased (the "Free on Board" price, meaning the pric you have paid for the goods on the basis that the supplier has lodged the goods for eport and included any fees up to the aircraft or ship of departure).


This is charged on a combined figure at a rate of 10%.
GST is calculated as 10% on the combined total of

  1. Price of goods (FOB),
  2. Plus Customs Duty, see above,
  3. Plus cost of any Freight or Insurance to Australia
    (but exclude local port fees & clearance/delivery fees paid in Australia at time of import)

The above information should be used as a guideline only, and we recomended you to contact us for assistance when working out any landed costing you may require : PH 1300 884 967