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Boosting Transformation, ALFI is Committed to Becoming the Big House of Indonesian Logistics

Boosting Transformation, ALFI is Committed to Becoming the Big House of Indonesian Logistics

General Chairperson of the DPP Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi asked all its members to be able to adapt to changes, while making ALFI a 'big house' in the logistics sector.

Yukki conveyed this at the ALFI special national deliberation (Munassus) which was held in Surabaya, on Saturday (14/10).

The National Conference, which was attended by ALFI administrators throughout Indonesia, was held in order to make adjustments or changes to the Bylaws (ADRT), so that the organization is adaptive to change.

"If we are adaptive, then these benefits will not only be felt by logistics service users, but also felt by other parties who focus on the supply chain," said Yukki in his official statement in Jakarta, Sunday (15/10).

Yukki revealed that the last ALFI National Conference was held 13 years ago in Bali, and in those 13 years, many changes occurred.

So, ALFI needs to hold a National Conference to carry out inclusive transformation.

Yukki explained that there were many changes in ADRT at the National Conference this time. One of them is regarding membership, where ALFI will expand membership, namely not only friends in the logistics sector, but also to the supply chain.

Then, ADRT ALFI will also add multimodal activities even though the multimodal activities have already been carried out. Including fintech companies in the logistics sector can now join as ALFI members.

East Java ALFI DPW Chair Sebastian Wibisono hopes that the ALFI National Conference can bring significant changes to organizations operating in the field of logistics service users.

"Our hope is that with this National Conference, the changes to ADRT this time can bring progress for ALFI in the future," he said.

Wibisono explained that it was very important to carry out the National Conference, because in the next 10 years the challenges in the logistics sector would become increasingly difficult.

Moreover, the potential for the logistics business in East Java is very prospective with the increasingly massive development in the Gresik area.

Wibisino also thanked the ALFI DPP for giving trust to the East Java ALFI DPW, to hold this ALFI National Conference which was quite prestigious and national.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the ALFI DPP Akbar Johan said that the National Conference was a road to National Conference event to accommodate the aspirations of all ALFI DPWs in studying business dynamics or national logistics and supply chain opportunities.

"ALFI must be able to capture business dynamics and opportunities so that it can become a milestone in providing added value to the national supply chain or logistics ecosystem," said Akbar.


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