Bali Cargo Price Per Kg – The Trusted Shipping Company

Bali Cargo Price Per Kg – The Trusted Shipping Company

Bali Cargo Price Per Kg – The Trusted Shipping Company

Bali cargo price may be different in each company. It is usually charged per kg and calculated by the weight of your goods and the distance from the delivery point to the destination.

If you need a reliable cargo company to ship your goods to any place, you can entrust it to us, Naval Cargo. We provide the shipping service by air, sea, and land freight.

Our service covers worldwide, just tell us about where destination of your shipment and what kind of freight you want to use. Our team will be always ready to help during the whole shipping process.

Bali Cargo Company

We have contacts with overseas partners so it’s possible for us to ship your goods anywhere. No matter how far destination of your shipment is, we will always do the best and ensure your goods are received safely.

1. Door to Door Shipping

Bali Door To Door Shipping

The shipment enables from door to door whether it’s shipping from Bali or shipping to Bali. You just need to tell us about location of your goods and destination. Our team can pick up your goods and move it to chosen destination.

If your shipment just covers area within Bali or Java, it enables by a land freight. But, in case your shipment to overseas, you can choose the shipment by air or sea freight. You can choose one as needed.

2. Premium Packing Standard

Bali Freight Service

In the shipping process, whether it’s by land, air, or sea freight. Your goods are probably shaken in the freight. For avoiding the damage, we will do packing it in premium standard before shipping so your goods can arrive safely.

For packing, we usually use wooden crate or box but it’s probably different depending on material kind of your goods. The premium packing will certainly guarantee the safety of your goods.

3. Real-Time Tracking System

Bali Freight Service

When your goods is in shipping process, you don’t need to worry about lost package because we will facilitate your shipment with online tracking system which enable you always to monitor status and position of your shipment.

The tracking system is easy. You just enter unique code of your shipment into form of tracking service page on our website, then the page will display detail about status of your shipment.

For unique code, you will receive it via registered email when the shipment is ready.

If you have any question about our service, please contact us via +62 (0) 361 4711337 (Phone) or (Email).


Types of Goods



Door, jamb profile set, window, flooring, decking, roof, Gazebo, ect.


Vlegal House Part (LS wooden)


All Countries

Iron wooden (ulin) Table

Vlegal furniture + charge material


All Countries

Iron wooden (ulin) Decking, flooring, sirap

Vlegal furniture + LS wooden + charge material ulin


All Countries


Furniture, tableware, frame


Vlegal /flegt

Vlegal : All Countries except Uni Eropa, Flegt : Uni Eropa


Vlegal handicraft

Uni Eropa


Lacey act


Shell handicraft

Healty Certificate (HC)

All Countries



All Countries

Stone (Marble, Onix, Peble)

LS stone

All Countries

Stone (Andesit, Petrified wood,

River stone, etc.)

LHI stone

All Countries





All product from plant







Mauritius, Canada, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, Chile, Male/Mahe, Philiphina & other destination countries (depending client’s request).

Bone handicraft


All Countries


Ata carnet + Police Certificate

All Countries


Phytosanitary, Quality Test Certificate,

SPEK, ICO Certificate,

All Countries

Bamboo, rattan, willon, cane (tebu), osier, potpourri, water hyacinth, kapok, jute, maize leaf, sisal,

banana leaf, etc.


ETO certificate + phitosanitary